Gold Rush Ranch
Sold Sold for $6,000,000 on 9/29/20  -
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The Gold Rush Ranch has a long history in the Gold business, but with the new almond plantings there is a new form of gold, agriculture. The almost 129 acres of recently planted Independence are growing fast and loaded with nuts this year. The projections and crop load make the adjoining 100 acres very attractive for planting, and even more acreage for planting is available. If diversification is attractive, there is over 200 acres of dry pasture. A portion of the property is located in the Merced Irrigation District, but the almonds rely on a riparian water right from the 1920’s. It is equal to 250 miner’s inches or 2,250 gpm. The water is free, but to get it to the ranch at this time runs about $66 per acre foot. There is an additional 500 plus acres of land encumbered with tailings and dredging material. At this time the seller is not including the estimated 11 million tons of surface rock and tailings with the sale of the ranch.

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